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Welcome to a brave new world where I will help you learn to Overcome Life’s Obstacles! 

Through one of my many motivational seminars you will gain the inner strength to face your self-doubts. You will learn to view yourself as powerful and confident with the ability to take on the many challenges of today’s uncertain world. Together, we will discuss topics such as Bullying and HarassmentRedefining Disabilities, and Facing One’s Fears.

My name is Debra Wright and I am a Motivational Speaker and Life Coach. My entire life has been full of obstacles which I continue to overcome. 

I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at three years old.  In 1988, at age 21,  I became the first person ever to have both hips and knees replaced within 10 days of each other. I was featured in an NBC doumentary about the Temple Sports Medicine Center which focused on my indomitable spirit. I have received much positive feedback about my determination to live my life as a physically “normal” person. Join me as I continue to explore overcoming life’s challenges. I look to inspire you as well.

I encourage you to visit the “upcoming events” section of the website often to learn about the various seminar opportunities available to you.

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